Origin: Stop Blocking & Start Building Renewables!

Over the past couple of years Origin Energy CEO, Grant King, has publicly undermined the Renewable Energy Target (RET), repeatedly arguing for it to be watered down. Origin has delayed the growth of the renewables industry by not investing in renewable projects and blocking other developers’ projects. 

With a new government and a review of the Renewable Energy Target coming up next year, we know Origin Energy will be working hard to see the target wound back. But if it knows there will be a big backlash from its customers and the public for their position they will be more likely to pull their heads in. 

We need to show both Origin and the Coalition that the public wants renewables - not more coal and gas. Sign the petition below to tell Origin and its CEO Grant King to stop blocking and start building renewables!

Dear Origin Energy Managing Director Grant King,

I support greater investment in renewables in our communities, which reduce power bills, create jobs in our communities and ensure clean, renewable energy for all Australians.

But, Origin's antagonistic and misleading comments on renewables and blocking of renewables projects through refusing power purchase agreements mean that this investment is not happening.

I ask that Origin stop blocking renewables and starting investing in a clean energy future.

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    We need to look beyond our chocking and short term fossil fuels and support research for low clean energy which we need to find now while we can
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    Setting a high Renewable Energy Target, and then working together to reach it, is an important step our country can take to addressing the instability and destruction which comes with climate change. Think of the future for all of us.
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    Investing in renewables is a lot cheaper than building more dirty coal or gas fired power stations. It’s a no-brainer. Origin should do the right thing for Australia – and the planet.
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    I am a customer of Origin, but will change if renewable energy is blocked.
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    Our government is fiddling while the world burns. Renewables now!
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    Make renewable energy part of your plan and be a leader.
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    Origin I will shift to another provider if you continue this
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    Origin and CEO Grant King … I have nothing against your company, it’s just that your business model is no longer relevant to life on our planet.

    People like you – with power to decide – must now become ethical leaders for a sustainable, carbon neutral society. A clean energy future will reap its own rewards.
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    Grant – you could go down in history as one of the key people who gave Australia’s energy sector a brighter cleaner more sustainable future!


    Everyone will forget about just another greedy CEO.

    You choose.
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    Clean energy is commonsense for us all, even those involved in energy from fossil fuels
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    Let us all wake up and smell more roses before the roses and our sense of smell is gone.

    Clean energy, renewable energy, empowering energy, compassionate and heartful energy
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    I am an origin customer but will not hesitate to change companies if Origin does not commit to investing and supporting renewable clean energy asap!
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